Friday, January 19, 2018
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The association has provided a convenient platform for members and investigators in areas of cardiovascular science.
Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research (JCDR) is now available at New Website |Manuscript Submissions | Archives Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research (J Cardiovasc. Dis. Res.) [] J Cardiovasc. Dis. Res. [ISSN: Print -0975-3583, Online - 0976-2833]

CNAHA initiated a new program two years ago to recognize the outstanding work by young Chinese researchers and their parent institutes with the Young Investigator Awards (YIA).  The program was well received by both our Chinese colleagues and the AHA national leadership.

This online continued medical education (CME) program recaptures a special conference co-organized by CNAHA/ACRE during AHA scientific sessions in Orlando, Florida on November 12, 2011. The conference lectures were contributed by a number of distinguished scientists and clinicians in the frontier of translational cardiovascular medicine. Find more on:

CNAHA Mentoring Program will help you….

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