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Young Investigator Award (YIA)


We are writing to you on behalf of the Chinese American Heart Association (CNAHA) about an exciting initiative that has received tremendous enthusiasm and support.  As you are already aware, CNAHA initiated a new program two years ago to recognize the outstanding work by young Chinese researchers and their parent institutes with the Young Investigator Awards (YIA).  The program was well received by both our Chinese colleagues and the American national leadership within the cardiovascular field. 
Over the last decade, we have witnessed a breathtaking progress in China in the field of cardiovascular medicine that deserves and indeed has attracted international recognition with more than 70,000 percutaneous coronary interventions performed in 2005 and 150,000 in 2007 as compared to 6213 performed over more than 15 years prior to 1997.  However, the research productivity from China has not yet paralleled the growth in patient care, although there has been a significant improvement.  Furthermore, the incidence of heart disease, especially coronary artery disease, has increased dramatically in China.  We also have observed significant epidemiological difference such as the incidence of sudden death and risk of stroke among different ethnic populations, especially those from China and Asia as compared with those in the Western world.  Careful investigation and original research may lead to new discoveries that could benefit both Chinese people and the population at large over the world.  It is the very purpose of the CNAHA YIA program to encourage such research activities by a new generation of highly motivated investigators by recognizing their work in the hope that more and more young people will devote their talent to the advancement of cardiovascular medicine. 
Jie Cheng
Chair of CNAHA YIA committee

Basic Rules

To be considered for the YIA Competition, you must:
(1) be a member of CNAHA (for more information please visit our website at;
(2) be the first author/presenter of an abstract accepted for presentation at the Annual Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association (AHA), the American College of Cardiology (ACC), the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), (ASE) and the Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GW-ICC);
(3) performed the original work in China;
(4) be a physician or scientist with an academic rank no higher than an assistant professor at a Chinese university/medical school at the time of the award application date;
(5) be the first time for the competition;
Eligible candidates are encouraged to submit their application for the Awards at the time of their AHA abstract submission with additional information, including a complete curriculum vitae, bibliography, e-mail address and contact phone numbers. Multiple submissions from the same author and/or co-authors are discouraged and will result in automatic rejection.
Two YIA awards will be given in each scientific session. There will be two prize awards: $500 for basic research and $500 for clinical research.
Each year the winners will be selected based upon scientific merits as reflected by the numerical abstract score provided by the AHA, ACC, HRS, and GW-ICC abstract Committee and approved by the YIA Committee of the CNAHA. The winners will be informed of the awards within one month after the abstract results are available and will be posted at


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