Annual Report




Dear CnAHA members and guests, 


Hope you all have had a good fall.


I want to update you all on a few important events in the last 2 months and the plans for this year.


1.     Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GWICC)

In October 13 to 16, 2011, CnAHA members represented us to participated the 22nd Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology in Beijing, China

1)   We had a one-day (4 sessions) program dedicated to CnAHA in GWICC, one of the largest heart meeting in the world with 13,000 participants.  Our presentations were well received.  Thanks to Dr. Xie Gong-Yuan, our liaison to GWICC for organizing the sessions and all the presenters for their work invested in this important educational endeavor. 

2)   For the first time, we helped to introduce AHA to the GWICC.  Dr. Gordon Tomaselli, President of AHA and other leaders and members and CnAHA jointly sponsored 2 sessions on Global preventive strategies against CVD and Stroke.  An interactive CPR program was also organized and was an overwhelming success. 


2.     ACRE-CnAHA Symposium and CnAHA-ACRE “China Night” during AHA

On November 12, we jointly organized 2 events during AHA.


1)   “Cardiovascular Research Symposium - The Era of Translational Research” was jointly organized by ACRE-CnAHA.  Many thanks to all who participated in organizing, presenting and attending this first joint symposium, in particular, to the Co-Chairs--Drs. Wang Hong, MD, PhD (ACRE), and Cheng Jie, MD, PhD (CnAHA), and to AHA for providing a large meeting room at the Conventional Center. For those who were unable to attend our program physically in Orlando,  the CME lectures and YIA presentations can be recaptured online which will be available for review from Jan 1-31, 2012.  

2)   “China Night” was held at the magnificent Junior Ball Room at the Rosen Center.  Among the over 140 attendees are leaders from AHA (President Gordon Tomaselli, Chief Scientific Offer, Vice President for Global Strategies, etc.), Chinese Society of Cardiology (President Hu Dayi, CEO Mary Yin, etc.), World Heart Federation (President Sydney Smith), HRS (President Bruce L. Wilkoff, President-elect Anne Gillis), ACRE (President Sun Zhongjie, etc.), and many of our members, guests and friends.  You will see the program and photos at our website (  Many thanks to the Co-Chairs, Drs. Jianming Li, and Darrel (Dayue) Duan.  We also appreciate the tremendous fund-raising efforts by Drs. Jianming Li, Li Zhang, Jie Cheng, Dali Fan, Zhenguo Liu, etc. for raising over $20,000 to fund these important activities.

Congratulations to our YIA winners.  They all got beautiful certificate and Award checks for their science and presentation. 

After the event, we received many feedbacks from AHA, CSC, ACRE, our members and guests that these events are simply the best ever! But I do not agree with them and believe the best is still ahead and we hope you can join us again in LA in 2012.


3.     Integration with ACRE

On behalf of CnAHA, I presented a plan to hopefully “tie and knot”.  We have also had discussions at various levels and believe we have made significant progress.  Will keep all of you apprised on the response from ACRE and progress in this important effort.


4.     CnAHA election (Term 2012-2013)

We are getting close to our election of the next leadership team.  You will receive a nomination form and ballot soon.  I encourage you to consider nominating those who can best represent, serve and promote you and us (CnAHA) in US, China, and beyond.  Your involvement is important and will be great appreciated. 


Thank you very much for all you do for CnAHA. 



Sincerely yours,



Shuping Ge, MD

President, CnAHA